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Ensoulment of a Talisman

In my previous post, I discussed one aspect of a talisman’s creation by imprinting on an object, like a medallion, a powerful thought form. The thought form then becomes the source of power, acting like some generator embedded in the … Continue reading

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Thought Forms

One interesting concept in the occult circles is the alleged existence of thought forms. Thought forms are, just as the term itself implies, physical manifestations of thought. This idea appears to be congruent to the scientific notion that there is … Continue reading

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The Filipino Myth of Infinito Dios (Infinite God)

For the novice or those who are just beginning to be aware of the Filipino brand of occultism or shamanic practices, knowing something about the Filipino myth of Infinito Dios or Infinite God appears to be an essential foundation for … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to Anting-Anting at Orasyon. I intend to build here a resource site for those who are interested in studying Filipino occultism and shamanic practices. Please come back from time to time to check the site’s content. You are also … Continue reading

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