Principle of Sympathetic Magic

The principle of sympathetic magic is very much alive in Philippine occultism. Familiarizing yourself of this principle can make you more creative in performing magical operations with your anting-anting and oraciones.

Very briefly, the principle of sympathetic magic says that for a magical operation to be effective, you should be able to symbolically imitate in your ritual the very effect you would like to produce in physical reality. The most common example of sympathetic magic is the stereotyped image of a witch who uses a doll representing a person and then sticking needles into it as a way of making the person sick or otherwise subject to the spell of the witch.

The very act of pricking the doll with a needle creates a sympathetic connection with the real person so that an actual situation manifests where the person under attack may feel an actual pain or manifest an illness exactly on the same part of his body corresponding to the part of the doll that was being pricked. That is, of course, a very negative example but it happens to be a very familiar imagery to convey the explanation of what sympathetic magic is all about. Representing real people with dolls is one of the most original use of the principle of sympathetic magic.

From that basic imagery you can stretch your creativity in conjuring an actual or symbolic image through which you can create a sympathetic connection and thereafter, create a similar effect on the situation you would like to magically influence.

Knowledge of the principle behind sympathetic magic is one of the ways you can possibly extract the possible applications of various oraciones in Filipino grimoires such as the Karunungan ng Dios by Melencio T. Sabino. Reading the grimoire, we are sometimes puzzled how exactly we are supposed to use certain oraciones uttered by biblical characters to address particular situations. Some are clear enough. For example, the oracion uttered by Jesus to disappear into a crowd is obviously something you can use to attain some form of invisibility if ever you encounter a similar real life situation where you are trying to escape from some people. But what about such oraciones as the oracion uttered by Jesus when he went down to Hell or the one he uttered when he cursed a fig tree? You don’t expect to go down to Hell one of these days and you probably don’t have a non-fruit bearing fig tree in your backyard. What can you make out of these oraciones?

Use the principle of sympathetic magic. Are there certain analogous situations or circumstances in your daily life that you can equate with the biblical incident? You may not literally be planning a trip to Hell but you may be planning to go to a “hellish place” like a community infested with gangsters and drug addicts. Then for your protection, you can use the oracion uttered by Jesus when he visited Hell. Similarly, you may not have a fig tree in your yard but figuratively, you may have such a “fig tree” in your life. For example, you may be an employer who is having quite a headache with an unproductive employee. You can use the oracion uttered by Jesus against the useless fig tree to get rid of that employee.

Use your imagination in employing the principle of sympathetic magic. Be creative and have fun!

Now, how will you possibly find a use for the oracion employed by Moses to turn his cane into a snake? I leave that to your imagination.

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