Orbs During the Metro Manila Film Festival Parade?

I had the chance to take pictures of the Metro Manila Film Festival parade as it wound through Roxas Boulevard last Saturday, December 24, 2011.

What a surprise when I went through the shots in my laptop on Christmas  the next day! All the pictures appeared normal until I reached the close-up shots showing Senator Bong Revilla’s Panday 2  and My Househusband floats. Here are the shots:

 Picture A: Panday 2 float as it passes by where I was standing. Note the high density of orbs.

Picture B: Second shot of Panday 2 float as it moves closer. Note the apparent movement of the orbs relative to the float and the appearance of new ones.

Did my camera develop a glitch just at the point when the Panday 2 float was passing by? Did dust or moisture accumulate on my camera’s lens by then to create an optical illusion? If so, how can we explain that in contrast, the following shot showing the approaching  My Househusband float immediately following behind Panday 2 does not contain the same phenomenon?:

Picture C: My Househusband float following behind the Panday 2 float. Note the sudden absence of orbs.

And yet, when the Househusband float came up close, the orbs reappeared although in much fewer number than what hovered over the Panday 2 float.

Picture D: My Househusband float as it passes by where I was standing. Note the reappearance of orbs but in lesser density.

Did my camera malfunction as the Panday 2 float passed by and then self-corrected with Picture C but developed a glitch again as the next float passed by (Picture D)?

Orbs or globes of light captured on digital cameras have been an increasingly observed phenomenon in digital photography. We don’t conclusively know what orbs are at present. They could be nothing more than optical illusion. Others, specially those engaged in paranormal studies, believe that they are manifestations of spirit beings captured on camera.

If the latter were the case, did a crowd of spirit beings accompanied the float Panday 2 and, to a lesser degree, the float of My Househusband as they negotiated the parade route last Saturday?

I hope some psychic readers of my blog can pitch in and offer an explanation.


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3 Responses to Orbs During the Metro Manila Film Festival Parade?

  1. John says:

    Hello! Great day! In response to your questions regarding orbs, I had personal experiences about orbs particularly in my previous tours and in my experiences. Orbs are both scientific and spiritual. I will explain both: 🙂
    1. Scientific= Orbs are caused by dust particles suspended in the air. Once hit by the flash of the camera it will appear circular or oval shape with combination of colors. Therefore circular or oblong orbs are “dust particles” 🙂
    2. Spiritual= orbs are not circular in shape. Usual shapes are: line figures, smoky figures or flying light in extreme speed then suddenly vanishes in the thin air. Sometimes you can see it with your naked eye if your peripheral vision is well developed. I often see spiritual orbs in our garden in our hometown in Iloilo especially during twilight or at night. My family could see then also because we have traces of shamans and babaylan in our bloodline. Spiritual orbs are soul force but very rare. The most common spititual orbs are nature spirits. 🙂 I hope it answers your questions and I hope I shared my knowledge about orbs. Have a great day ahead 🙂

  2. a4tech says:

    ako ay makikigaya lang po sa NASA este Never A Straight Answer when it comes to answering such kind of mysteries ika nga.
    those are not orbs/ufos but are just ice particles na kayang lumiko as if by intelligent control.
    those are not orbs/ufos but are just specks on your lens.
    those are not orbs/ufos but are dust particles enhanced by light bouncing to and from the dust particles.
    those are not orbs/ufos but are just tiny raindroplets.

    • Amy says:

      I am not a skeptic, but I agree with the lens flare exaalnption. In almost all indoor photos I have seen like this there is a bright source of light in the room that creates in the lens the flare orb’ effect. I have a pair of sun glasses that produced the same effect in bright sunlight to my eyes and a very vivid orb.

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