Lucky and Unlucky Periods of the Day

“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:”


Cycles appear to be embedded in nature. The writer of that passage from Ecclesiastes was probably inspired by this observation.

From our observation of the cyclical nature of events, it has become logical to postulate the question: Do “good” and “bad” things also happen in cycles? If so, can we capture such a cycle in a system that  will enable us to identify certain periods or time of the day when things might be more opportune for us than at other periods?

I have what is probably by now a rare book entitled “Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life” authored by H. Spencer Lewis, founder and former Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC).   The book purports to give precisely such a system.

I would like to share with you what I think to be an important part of the system given in the book. The author claims that we can divide a day into seven periods, labeled from “A” to “G”,  during which certain things can better be done or started.

Here are the time periods according to the day as identified by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis:


12:00 AM – 3:25 AM G C F B E A D
3:25 AM – 6:51 AM A D G C F B E
6:51 AM – 10:17 AM B E A D G C F
10:17 AM – 1:42 PM C F B E A D G
1:42 PM – 5:08 PM D G C F B E A
5:08 PM – 8:34 PM E A D G C F B
8:34 PM – 12:00 AM F B E A D G C



Lucky for: Approaching people occupying high positions to ask for favors (e.g., making recommendations, proposals, etc.). Dealing with public officials. Dealing with bankers or financial institutions for the purpose of applying for credit facilities. Making public appearances for the purpose of promoting image of self or business.

Unlucky for: Starting new business or project. Signing of contracts or agreements. Starting short journeys of several days’ duration. Marrying or courting. Moving to a new location for personal or business reasons. Start the construction of a new building. Buying, selling, or renting real estate. Surgical operations.


Lucky for: Matters dealing with art or culture. Starting any new undertaking. Soliciting business from the public. Hiring of employees. Making new acquaintance in purely social way. Starting short journeys. Marriage and courting. Loaning or borrowing money. Seeking favors in social circles. Games of chance and investments of speculative nature.

Unlucky for: Hiring employees specially for menial positions. Starting long journeys.


Lucky for: Intellectual or educational matters. Dealing with legal arguments. Making contracts of short duration. Making new acquaintances. Hiring of employees. Starting short journeys. Starting an advertising campaign. Lending money (actual disbursement of amount being lent). Start construction of new buildings. Signing important papers. Writing important letters.

Unlucky for: Starting court litigation. Marrying. Asking favors or recognition from prominent persons. Buying and selling real estate. Surgical operations.


Lucky for: Especially fortunate for all matters involving business, education, farming, making new acquaintances, and hiring of new employees. Starting short journeys. Marriage and courtship. Making shipments of goods. Surgical operations. Sales or solicitations especially with women.

Unlucky for: Starting new undertakings. Making of contracts or signing legal papers. Starting lawsuits. Borrowing money. Games of chance. Writing letters to ask for favors of any kind.


Lucky for: Starting long-term plans or activities. Settling disputes before persons of authority. Advertising or sales promotion through the printed media. Starting legal actions. Starting activities involving metals. Moving to a new house. Starting scientific pursuits.

Unlucky for: Making of contracts or agreements of any kind except for purchase of homes. Collecting money. Starting farming or planting operations. Making new acquaintances. Hiring of new employees. Marriage. Starting journeys by water. Construction of new buildings. Asking favors from persons of authority. Speculating in business. Buying stock market Surgical operations. Writing important letters.

Period E is generally the unluckiest period of the day.



Lucky for: Starting practically any new undertaking, personal, social, or business.

Period “F” is the most fortunate or lucky period of the day.

Unlucky for: Hiring for any menial position. Marine affairs.


Lucky for: Matters requiring hard labor or physical energy. Material and sensual affairs. Collection of money. . Hiring of traveling salesmen, agents or collectors. Marital affairs. Marine affairs. Matters dealing with machines and working with metals. Scientific pursuits. Women seeking favors from men in business or personal matters.

Unlucky for: Receiving gifts or favor. Humanitarian affairs. Buying of cattle or livestock starting long journeys. Legal actions. Marriage or courting. Surgical operations.

Most accident prone period hence caution should be observed about being in hazardous places during this period. During illness, fever or body temperature is higher during this period.

Dr. Lewis has not really provided complete information on how he was able to derive this system. But he claims that the system is better than astrology and numerology.

Well,  just try it. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can print a copy of this post and carry it with you.  If it is practical for you to align your activities with the periods  given above, then do so. That will help ensuring that you’re not leaving anything to chance whenever you embark on important activities.

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