Earth Changes 2012 to 2080

This is an interesting preview of what might be  in store for us in the future , more specifically,the decades following 2012. I’m quoting from The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies (Vol. 2):

We believe that in the Northern Hemisphere in the dead of winter 2012, temperatures will reach their peak as the Seven Suns momentarily line up and concentrate heat onto our solar system.  Such an injection of energy will provoke even more rapid melting of the vast permafrost areas in the Northern Hemisphere and the continent of Antartica, causing a significant rise in the sea levels, which in turn will gravely impact human society.

The accelerated meltdown will cause major flooding of lowland and coastal areas worldwide resulting in a mass exodus from low-lying regions to higher ground and certain designated Spiritual Regions. Amidst this turmoil, lightbearers will be able to seize this opportunity to create a transitional society that will lay the foundation stones for a New Golden Age. (pages 64 – 65).

If you are intrigued by this prophecy, take a look at the website of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation.

This might also be a good subject to pursue in our forum. I have  created  the forum Prophecies for those who might be interested to pursue the subject matter.

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8 Responses to Earth Changes 2012 to 2080

  1. rachelle gay says:

    anu po ang gayuma ir orasyon para po sa job interview at work abroad?plssss help me naman po. thank you po

  2. Kardec says:

    Interesting indeed. And the earth changes have really been drastic so far. Try and look around for subtle changes like insects around your house that usually aren’t there.

  3. Realityshifter says:

    Well, right now we are experiencing an unusual phenomenon with respect to the coastal areas and the so-called storm surges or unusually big waves. Although it is explained as a natural weather phenomenon, the point is this has not happened before. I don’t remember Roxas Blvd. ever flooded before. But last year in the course of Pedring, the Manila coastline along the boulevard was flooded — including the American Embassy. And now, one year after, the same thing has occurred even without any storm or typhoon.

    Officially,we have no tsunamis or tidal waves but quite a number of big and concrete houses in Cavite’s coastal towns have been destroyed by surging waves. Never has this happened before.

    Something is definitely not the same or has changed that’s causing the sea’s strange behavior.

  4. Alekzis Bernardo says:

    mag tatanong lang po kung.. marunong po kayong tumingin kung nakukulam ang isang tao.. anu po ba symptoms ng nakukulam.. kasi po si mader inlaw ko.. lumalaki ag paa ako po ay.. hindi ko maintihan kung ano ang nakraramdama ko..

    parang ara mo na po tulungan nyo po kame..

  5. urielarcangel says:

    ito napo yong napanood kong WATERWORLD ni kevin costner hehehe

  6. bluephoenix says:

    i think its the effect of global warming. if we do not act today when??? we still have time to prevent but the question are we really serious??? i dont think so…. nobody wants to live in a primitive way… we r already hooked up in modernation, we need to admit most of us cannot live now without the internet, mobile and such….meanssss we can do nothing but wait…

  7. omar fenis says:

    gusto ko pong magkaroon ng iyong anting anting .dahil gusto kong manggamot…….

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