Taking Care of Talismans or Amulets

I am reproducing the following handout from Santo Nino Botanical Center (aka Peter Mystical Book Center) verbatim with no editing.


The efficacy and power of an amulet depends not only on the magical symbols or power words shown on it, etc. but also on how it is “consecrated” and how it is used.

Granting that you already have the amulet and “consecrated” it according to our instructions on “How to Consecrate” your Talisman, Amulets, etc. The following are the simple instructions to be strictly followed to get the very best out of your amulet or to be more effective.


a. Wear your amulet as a necklace or as a pendant. In this case, make a small hole in one corner of the parchment paper on which the amulet is drawn or printed. Put a golden or silver neck chain through the hole, and wear around your neck under your clothes., in order not to be seen by other.

b. The amulet may be carried, put into a locket or red flannel bag and wear it like a necklace.

c.  Finally, the amulet may be carried or folded in your wallet,purse or in the pocket of your clothes. Always wear or carry your amulet wherever you go. The longer you carry it, the quicker will the expected results come.


Remind yourself always that you have the amulet in your person, and you have a “COMPANION” a force that is quietly, deligently and powerfully working to your advantage. This is necessary to complement the mystical powerof the amulet in order to obtain your desire.


a. As much as possible, do not allow other persons to touch or otherwise handle your amulet. Why? Because whether deliberately or inadvertently, other persons might, if they touch or handle your amulet, transmit onto/into it negative psychic energies which could, unless removed, cut down the magical power invested in the amulet.

b. It is even better, in addition, that you do not make other persons see your amulet! Perhaps the best way to prevent your amulet being touched or even seen by other people is to fold it and keep it inside a locket which you then hang around your neck by chain or keep (inside a small envelope bag, if you wish) it inside your wallet, purse, handbag, briefcase, etc.

In cased your amulet is accidentally touche by other, you must consecrate it again.


a. You should not tell anyone about your amulet unless you are certain that they share your interest in the occult.

b. The need to keep quiet or silent about your amulet and about  your occult work in general stems mainly from the fact that the majority of people are afraid of the occult and of people who are associated with it — and what people are afraid of, they tend to attack with all their might! If you did tell just anyone about your amulets, or that you practised magic, etc., they would probably not only shun your company and spread false information about you but they might also suspect you of being behind their personal problems. Of course you would be innocent of the misdeeds they suspect you of but how are you going to prove that to them?

c. Let your amulet work for you — quietly and effectively. It is not your duty to convince anyone that amulets do work when consecrated and used properly; you could, in your bid to convince, talk to someone from dawn to dusk, and they might still consider you an ass for believing “such things”, anyway! So why don’t you please let them alone? Let your amulet help you to prosperity and let other people wonder at your success and “luck”!


a. If you should, even before you commence to use your magical amulet, get it into the mind that it would not work, well, then you have succeeded in cutting back drastically its magical power! This is a point you will do well to remember: in all  matters spiritual, the degree of one’s faith or belief in the particular spiritual formula being used helps to determine the degree of the person’s success or failure in the use of the formula concerned. It does not matter who or what you are praying to, are asking for help from, or are using: if you strongly disbelieve its ability to work for you, well, it won’t.

b. The uninitiated are, to a large extent, puzzled by magic and other forms of the occult. How and why, they often ask themselves, do a few (usually silly-sounding) words, phrases and sentences, or some funny looking symbols drawn on parchment or embossed on metal and carried around, produce such remarkable results? They often conclude that it is illogical  that such methods could produce the said effects; that the “effects”, should they occur as expected, were the results of pure coincidence!

c. It is quite likely that the person who has had no prior experience with the occult will think this way: the problem is that thoughts like that, when held long and strongly enough, tend to inhibit the effectiveness of the amulet (or other magical spiritual method) being used. The best attitude to adopt, in a situation like that, is one of open-mindedness. Amulets and other magical devices have been around since prehistoric times; they have been used throughout history by kings, queens, nobility in general, as well by common ordinary people. And they are still being used today in all corners of the world! If there was really nothing in them, it is logical to expect that they would have been out of use centuries ago!


In posting this handout from the Santo Nino Botanical Center, I wish to give a full account of one Philippine tradition on how to properly handle amulets, talismans, or anting-antings. There have been differing accounts of this in the Forum and their is no way to settle those differences in a conclusive way. By giving at least one complete tradition, you can, if you wish, fully adopt it and erase any uncertainty you may have on how you should be handling your anting-anting.




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19 Responses to Taking Care of Talismans or Amulets

  1. Kardec says:

    Thanks for the post ka RS. 😉 Much appreciated.

  2. armi avila says:

    Dear RS,
    Because I didn’t know how to handle my Anting-antings, I did things that weaken their efficacy…Thanks for this post, I think I have to consecrate them again. Does it mean that they don’t have powers now? Will I wait for the 1st friday again to do the consecration? I have an enemy that hurt me so much, is it ok to make a curse against him while wearing my amulets? For I believe that if I have them, I don’t have the right to do evil things. But how could I punish this person? Will I just forgive him? How could he pay for the bad things he did?

  3. armi avila says:

    My anting-antings are Sto Nino hubad and the triangle Dignum with an eye at the center. I both wear them as necklace.. Please enlighten me for it’s hard to forgive

  4. loveme4ever says:

    Hello Armi.. I advice you to forgive him so you can move on.. I don’t know if you’re aware of this “thing”.. I don’t know how they call it either.. It”s a necklace which i bought 8 years ago.. Black string with a gun bullet pendant… I bought it in Quiapo. I consecrated it right away after i bought it .. Went inside the Quiapo church.. Prayed for my own intentions.. Then inilubog ko yung gun bullet na yun sa holy water na hawak ng angel while praying my own oracion from my heart.. And asked the angel statue to bless…

  5. redski says:

    Sir RS,

    excuse lang po.. may PM po ako sa inyo. i hope you will have time to read it. Maraming salamat po.

  6. urielarcangel says:

    mga mabuting paalala at impormasyon pagpapahalaga sa ating mga gamit 🙂

  7. Ysa12 says:

    Dear Rs,
    may anting – anting po ako nabili ko po Ito last November 16, 2012 . May nakilala ako sa Quiapo iyon po yung araw na may Kulam n pala ako pero meron po ako manggagamot na tumutulong po sa akin matagal na laging lumalaban sa tiyuhin kong DEMONYO n cya rin ang pumatay sa tatay ko.. 2 manggagamot ang nagpatunay nito s akin at di ko akalain sa taglay nilang kaalaman para malaman Kung sino.. Pilit po ako lumalaban sa kasamaan nila. Ang sa akin Lang di nlang ako gaganti sa knila gusto ko na Lang kalimutan nlang nila na may kamag anak na tulad ko. Alam ko inggit at pagkuha sa lupa ko na na sa probinsya nmin . Dto n ako nagka asawa malapit din po sa silang cavite…. Nagka room ako ng panini wala sa agimat hang gang nabasa ko ang blog mo. I big po ba sabihin mamawala bisa kapag pinagbili nila sa akin? Pwede ko po ba hingiin email mo para maintintidihan ko po lahat.? Iniisip ko kapakanan ng mga anak ko, ayaw ko Matulad sa akin nawalan ng magulang ng dahil sa Gawa ng tao. Masyado MARAMI akong sama ng loob para gawin nila Ito sa akin…. Please humihingi pa rin ako ng tulong sayo.

  8. Ysa12 says:

    Pati asawa ko nadadamay na rin sa ginagawa nila, wag po sana dahil malilit pa mga anak ko. Sabi daw po sa agimat ko na hawak, makakahingi po ako ng tulong para protektahan kami ng pamilya ko. Ano po ba ang bato- balani sayo? Ano po itsura nito? Meron din po ako mga stone na agimat.

  9. ysa12rd says:

    Dear Rs,
    im so interested about anting-anting or amulet …dahil sa dami ng taong gustong agawin ang farm ko sa province . inggit at galit ang nananaig sa kanila at kamag anak ko pa ang gumagawa nito sa akin mismo ang tiyuhin ko ang nagpakulam sa tatay ko at ganun din ang kapatid ko .. mahirap sabihin ang sitwasyon ko dto sa site mo at ngayon dito na ako naninirahan kasama ng asawa at anak ko. mahirap pala pag ang tao ay tinulungan mo na at di ka man lang makapagbigay galit sayo. ganon sila magalit pagkakaisahan ka. Last november 16,2012 nakarating ako ng Quiapo dito may nakilala ako at nakabili ako sa kanila more than 100 hundred thousand na ang tawag agimat… pero sa aking paniniwala effective nman lalo na sa business ko at iyun ang time na may kulam na pala ako ng may nakapansin sa akin sa Quiapo na namamaga ang leeg ko na sinasakal at nagsusugat na po ito… for the first na nangyari sa akin ito pero last may ,2012 may nararamdaman na po ako na ganito pero di nman cya grabe katulad nitong november siguro dahil sa unang manggagamot na nag aalaga sa akin kaya lang di na kami nagkausap nitong november dahil marami rin syang ginagamot at taga masbate po sya kaya po napuruhan ako ng kulam …di pa ako naniniwala na tinamaan ako nito pero iyun po ang hinala ng asawa ko. may business po ako dto sa sta. rosa malapit sa silang ,cavite.. ang hawak ko po ay puro bato na ang sabi pag iniisip ko ang gusto ko nangyayari kailangan think positive lalo na s business….. sabi po pati business ko ginagalaw nila para maubos ang pera ko at malubog ako sa kahirapan. please humihingi po ako ng tulong kung ano pa po ba dapat idagdag ko para mas malabanan ko lahat ng kulam na pinadadala nila sa akin na gusto nilang sirain ang mukha ko. ayaw ko rin po matulad mga anak ko na nawalan ng magulang dahil sa kulam, na ginawa nila. sagad sa buto ang kademonyuhan ng kamag anak ko. ano rin po ang BATO BALANI sa iyo at ano ang kulay nito? Salamat po…. hintayin ko ang sagot, sige na po…

  10. LEON GUERERO says:

    pwedi po bang makuha ang kumpletong oracion sa medalyong kambal kristo o krus na baligtaran?kung maari din po sana paki email kung papanu ko ito bubuhayin kokonsagrahin at bibinyagan.inaasahan ko po ang sagot po ninyo sa email ko sapagkat kailangan ko po ng proteksyon sa katawan gawa ng aking trabaho. marami pong salamat at umaasa po akong pauunlakan nyo ang aking kahilingan.pagpalain po kayo ng MAYKAPAL.

  11. LEON GUERERO says:

    paki email na lng po sa leonguerero357@yahoo.com.salamat po

  12. atrum_illuminus says:

    Magandang araw po sa inyo, mga kaibigan. Ako nga po pala si Mario. Nais ko lang po sanang itanong kung ano po ang orasyon para sa medalyon ng 7 arcangeles, medalyon ni San Miguel, pati na rin po sa medalyong hugis tatsulok na may mata sa gitna, at kung papaano po isagawa ang isang orasyon. Sinubukan ko pong maghanap sa iba’t-ibang site subalit wala po akong matagpuang kasagutan. Sana po ay matulungan ninyo ako hinggil sa bagay pong ito. Maraming salamat po!! 🙂

    Ito po ang aking E-mail:
    Gmail: m.paghubasanjr@gmail.com
    Facebook: venumungumunum@yahoo.com
    Yahoo: theseus_de_los_illuminados@yahoo.com

    Talagang interesado po ako pagdating sa ganitong mga bagay, kaya sana po ay matulungan ninyo ako. Salamat pong muli. 🙂

  13. iamangel1010 says:

    I have recently bought an Infinito Dios medal from Quiapo?
    The old lady told me to dip it in the holy water and say 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory be. Does this process complete the ritual? Is there any prayer for taking care of my medal? I asked a local seller of the complete books of Maestro Melencio Sabino about my medal because the medal becomes warm whenever I am holding it or when it touches my skin and sometimes it’s like it has its pulse, he said my medal is “alive”. I wanted to make sure I’m feeding the medal the prayer (food) it needs to keep it strong. I’m now looking at connecting to a Maestro who knows a lot about the “Karunungan ng Dios”. I also, want to visit Mount Banahaw and have a feel of the strong energy of the mystical mountain. Would there be anyone in this forum who have knowledge of the right way to practice the oraciones in the books of Maestro Melencio Sabino? Thank you, too for allowing me to share my thoughts in this forum.

    • gudo says:

      Sa palagay ko para lang may masabi yung old lady. pero di yan ang process ng ritual paki-tingin na lang dito ang tamang ritual.
      May mga books ka ni Sabino? I think meron dun yung ritual. I forgot the name of the book. Medyo may kamahalan ang mga librito nya. Pero meron din ritual ang St. Peters Mystical.

  14. lost soul says:

    Hello po…
    Since grade 5 ako meron akong original san benito bronze amulet, madalas po kasi akong mausog, nabili po yun ng mama ko sa Santo Niño Botanical garden,
    24yrs old npo ako ngayon, khapon biglng nawala yun amulet ko…hindi ko na ulet nakita.
    Malungkot kasi prang kakambal ko na yun.
    Sabi ng mama ko bka hindi ko na siya kailangan kaya nawala nlng siya.
    D rn niya alam kung open prn un botanical garden sa Santa Cruz, may info po b kau about the main office?
    Gusto ko po sanang kumuha uli if pgbgyan aq ng universe. Thanks po!

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