If you are involved in the study and practice of esoteric knowledge, then don’t forget that tomorrow is Candlemass Day. One of the rituals the Roman Catholic churches will observe on Candlemass is the blessing of candles. It is a good opportunity for you to give that extra charge of energy and mystery to the candles that you will be using for your rituals during the year.

Attend one of tomorrow’s masses and bring some candles with you. Then have them blessed by the priest after the mass. I suggest that you bring enough quantity that would last you for a year till the next Candlemass. You can bring for blessing an extraordinarily big candle that you can use and reuse for your rituals during the months ahead or you can bring for blessing a number of smaller candles, like tea light candles, that are normally good for one ritual only.

White candle is the all purpose candle you can use in any ritual. However, if you want to incorporate color in your candle magic, you may want to bring an assortment of colored candles so that you will have a specially blessed candle that will match the kind of ritual you may want to do in the course of the year. For example, candle magic involving the manifestation of money will normally become more emphatic if you use a green candle. A yellow candle will be more appropriate in rituals involving career, while pink or red candles will be more appropriate for love affairs. If you can secure one, you might want to bring a black candle to keep for those kind of emergencies associated with the need to banish certain things in our life that we do not want to continue bothering us.

Whatever candles you use in your rituals, just take advantage of tomorrow’s special ritual for blessing candles. It happens only once a year. You can, of course, use ordinary candles in your spells and rituals. But having specially blessed candles on Candlemass will give you that sense of extraordinariness you would to create around your magical tools like candles.

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