A Novel Way of Using the SATOR Square

The Sator Square as depicted here is a very popular item in occult circles particularly among Filipino occultists.

Here is a novel way of using it without even the need to get one of those cast metal talismans with engraved letters depicting the magic square or having a hankerchief with the Sator square drawn on it (called taladro in Tagalog). This is for people who are looking for better relationships or just plain friends.

1. Copy the square on a piece of white paper.

2. Gaze upon the square and think of attracting love and friendship to yourself.

3. Cut the square and carry it with you for three days and three nights.

4. After three days and three nights of carrying it with you, burn it.

5. Watch the smoke mix with the air as it carries your request through the ether. You may mentally repeat or verbalize your request.

6. Say thank you.

Wait for results. As with any magical ritual, learn to adopt the attitude of joyful anticipation as you wait for your request to be granted.


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33 Responses to A Novel Way of Using the SATOR Square

  1. Rayel says:

    Thanks for the post and it’s very interesting.

    • aaron jet says:

      This is very interesting but I am afraid what’s gonna be the consequences among this action… I’m not gonna try it unless somebody will tell me it’s safe doing this… I onced was practitioner of black magic by my own self.. everytime I do some rituals, it’s kind of good but few days later, different bad things going to happen to me of my family…

      • Realityshifter says:

        I suggest you do a research on black magic — what is it that makes a magical ritual a form of “black magic?” Based on your findings, assess this ritual if it really falls under the category of black magic. If it is black based on your assessment, then don’t do it. The Law of Attraction will come into play and will activate the programming in your mind that “black magic will bring about undesirable results in the long run.” You will start attracting bad luck.

        If your assessment of it is “white,” then you can experiment and see where it will lead you. As to the results you might get, it is good to get some insights from this old Taoist fable:

        This farmer had only one horse, and one day the horse ran away. The neighbors came to condole over his terrible loss. The farmer said, “What makes you think it is so terrible?”

        A month later, the horse came home–this time bringing with her two beautiful wild horses. The neighbors became excited at the farmer’s good fortune. Such lovely strong horses! The farmer said, “What makes you think this is good fortune?”

        The farmer’s son was thrown from one of the wild horses and broke his leg. All the neighbors were very distressed. Such bad luck! The farmer said, “What makes you think it is bad?”

        A war came, and every able-bodied man was conscripted and sent into battle. Only the farmer’s son, because he had a broken leg, remained. The neighbors congratulated the farmer. “What makes you think this is good?” said the farmer.

        Moral lesson: Good or bad are labels we attach to situations or circumstances according the context with which we appreciate them.

      • blue eagle says:

        hindi ka maaring basta na lamang susugod sa paggamit ng mga orasyon – iyan ang kamalian ng mga gustong matuto kapag nabigyan ng ilang salita gusto magamit agad kaya ang epekto pati pamilya nadadamay. humanap ka marunong na magtuturo sa iyo bago ka gumamit ng orasyon. bago sumugod sa gera depensa muna.

  2. gudo says:

    Is there an appropriate color for this? Like the color of the letters and the color of the grid lines or the box?

    • Realityshifter says:

      What I have given here is a basic procedure. Like any other magical ritual, if you know the principle behind it, you can modify or enrich the ritual to give it your own personal touch.

  3. gudo says:

    thank you realityshifter for the information you shared. . .
    I know the principle of this but I can’t post it here, for the protection to use in other way.
    This is related to palindromes. . . many uses for specific purpose.

  4. Rayel says:

    Just want to ask what specific magical tradition do you practice Aaron. Do you practice goetia or sorcery? Are you involve in spirit magick or ceremonial?

    I remember three variations of SATOR spell. The above spell can also be used to protect a dwelling. After you draw and cut the square, you have to dab it with oil and place it near the door. For the second spell, you have to place it on the obverse side of the mirror to reflect back the negativity sent on your way. I was once a victim of a vicious and malicious gossip. I’ve found this spell very effective in kicking gossipmonger’s ass. The second spell requires a black candle to be lit during the waning phase of the moon and to activate the spell. And the third spell requires a mojo oil for manifestation spell.

  5. Cryptic Charm says:

    Nakakanose bleed naman po!!!
    Baguhan lang po ako dito!! ano po ba ang purpose ng Sator? Paano gamitin?
    Ang lalim po ng English eh, nadrodrown ako. ­čÖé

    • GEORGE says:

      ginamit nya daw pangontra sa Chizmackers na kapit bahay iyung Sator na Orasyon.. yun yta ang abi nya Dre..

  6. joerex269 says:

    gandang hapon po….meron na po ba sa inyo ang nakasubok nyang novel way of using the SATOR square? kumusta naman po,ok po ba?? tenx po..

    • blue eagle says:

      mabisa ang sator – depende sa basag na gagamitin – kasi marami basag yan at bawat basag ay may tamang gamit ilan diyan ay nagamit ko na at epektibo naman -mas malakas kung alam mo susi.

  7. tatat1 says:


    • jlius says:

      sa mga may problema po about sa nagayuma,
      kung sa tingin nyo po ay ang asawa, kapatid, kamag-anak, at kaibigan nyo ay nagayuma, at gusto nyo mabalik sya sa dating kaisipan, ganito po ang mainam na paraan.

      kung alam nyo po ang dahon ng “PANAULI” yong ginagamit na dahon at sinasama sa tubig, pag tapos ng libing ay doon mag huhugas. pwede pong pang gamot sa nagayuma.

      kumuha ng 5-10 pirasong dahon ng panauli
      katasin, at ihalo sa inumin ng taong nagayuma.
      isang beses isang araw. kahit anong oras. at walang araw na pinipili.

      ang gamotang ito ay tumatagal ng isang linggo.
      kapag walang pagbabago ibig sabihin hindi kaya ng dahon lang ang gayuma.

  8. redfire says:

    Tama si Realityshifter, nasa taong gumaganap ang bisa at balik nito ayon sa takbo ng kanyang pag-iisip at damdamin para dito.

  9. free4God says:

    di ko maintidihan po. But then again ala akong alam nito sa di ko maintindihan ritwal.

  10. George says:

    ayun sa sabi sabi iyang orasyon na yan ay tina tawag na lampasan.. kada isang titik nyan ay may meaning pa ulit, mga Lihim na pangalan

  11. ernest says:

    yun pong tinatanong ko po sa inyo!!!! tungkol po sa pyramid ala pa po akong natatangap….. i2 po ang no. ko…… 09186155729 ….. kc ngayun lang naman po ako nka online… ty poh….. hintay ko nlang poh…….

  12. ernest says:

    hey sir, i just want to know the usage of my talisma, is there any one knows the meaning and the use of my talisma?? this is like phyramid and have a 4 symbols and the symbol below is a winged angel….. this is my talisma since i created this because of my dreams…. and i dream again last friday morning that some says in my dream that this is a source of life that gives life and resurrect life, but i just thinking that this is the use of this ,,, oh impossible im not god…. and the other says that this is given to me by god then i saw the atmosphere with a human with wings like my talisma…. i ask more but im awake…. and this day i research a talisma like this and i found a similar of my talisma its like the one they sell,, the BAJRA SHAKTI TALISMA……. and im shock…. some of my dreams says the seven eyebrows tell that the seven knowledge….. i think so……. i want help and explanation for this….. because when ever i read bible i get some hint and this hint become a key….. i open some knowledge that god want to say to every one…. like; if u love god just love it like your brother…. dont love him because you scared about what he can do to you……. he is one only one and created everything so god is unhappy because every one scared of him and they love him because they scared….. in tagalog napipilitan lang tayo kc takot tayo at nasasabi nating mahal sya…. masakit diba kasi pag inaplay mo sa totoong buhay….. sobrang sakit….. back to my amulet….. before i created this, i dream a three mountains and a hole in the center of it and im the one sleep on the other side and say this hole is a portal and the key is the phyramid……. oh my….. my question is, is this only my crazyminded imagination… sorry because im not good in english……. since ever i jus looking for answer….. if you want to know my amulets just research the BAJRA SHAKTI TALISMA because they have similarity,,, but in his head theirs an big like eyes with seven brows….. always i think the energy below my phyramid is like a thunder….. so slite similar……. ive been crazy for this bec. i always seek answer… is there any one can help me to splain all of this….. im from philippines and this my no…. 09186155729…………………….

  13. ernest says:

    if i know, some says that; yan sator square daw ay kumakatawan sa apat na pangalan nang apat na krus sa apat na sulok nang daigdig…. at bawat krus ay may limang na pangalan…………… pag aralan mong maigi sinasabi ko kung tama man ito upang makakita ka pa nang ibang kababalaghan nang sator square….. bka kasi sa bawat kanto nang pangalan na binibigkas mo ay my iba pang malakas na inerhiya kang mabubuo na wala ang iba na makakatulong sa inyo at sa iba,,,, tip ko lang po iyan sa inyo bka makatulong sa pag aaral nyo… pag aralan nyu muna ang isa at masterin bago magpatuloy sa pangalawa bka kc ma overload kayo…. d pa po ako sumubok pero baka kc makatulong ito… jejejeje ……. meron pa ata sa gitna nang apat na sulok… ah ewan… narinig ko lang yan sa mga matatanda……..

  14. jlius says:

    thanks po

  15. jlius says:

    thank you po sana po magpost pa po kayo about kung pano gamitin po ang sator,thank you po.

  16. wOw veRY inTerEstInG tOpIc abOuT satOr squArE

    my mEnTiOn iT iS sAfE tO uSe tHe maGiC oF sAtoR sQuAre,?
    nEed rPlY

  17. udang says:

    hi po sino po pwede mag bigay ng pampaswerte para sa sugal

  18. udang says:

    plz poh pm nyo ako

  19. shea barte says:

    i have been reading about the history of the sator square all through the night. i would like to use it para bumalik ang asawa ko. pero natatakot din po kse ako sa sinasabi ni aaron at blue eagle na dumepensa muna.

    bro RS, kung gagawin ko po yung sinulat ninyo, may kailangan po ba kong depensang gawin? malinis naman ang hangarin ko dahil para naman sa pamilya ko ang hihilingin ko. i do not mean any harm sa iba. and believing in karma, kung wala namang masamang intensyon, wala namang babalik na negativity. patulong naman po. salamat.

  20. ethan says:

    Gandang gabi po sa lahat patulong po aq n bumalik yung bf q tapos pano po gamitin ung sator square.nagalit po sya sa akin at tinapos n nya lahat pero mahal ko p xia…kaya po kung may alam kayong posion o gayuma ibahagi niyo po sa akin kahit ritwal po…salamat po

  21. zee says:

    nakakita ako ng basag ng sator…ngunit hindi ko alam anu pang mga sangkap ang pwedeng gamitin ( oil, candle ,etc.) sa SATOR.. meron po ba dyan maaring magturo?
    email me jesuiszee@Yahoo.com

    marami nga pong gamit ang SATOR…

  22. jseph says:

    nawawala ang wallet ko saka wedding ring des december help me na maibalik sa akin please.

    • jseph says:

      nawawala ang eqama ko or residence permit dito sa abroad kasama wedding ring this december help me na maibalik sa akin please.

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