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An interesting way to unite the practice of Feng Shui with your fascination for talismans or anting-antings is to place the talisman in the corresponding area in the feng shui bagua map that you may want to energize.

But first what is the feng shui bagua map?

Feng shui holds that specific spots in your living space — your house or room –corresponds to certain areas of your life. Looking at the above illustration, which is the bagua map itself,  there are nine areas or concerns in life that dominate us. They are:

1. Skills and knowledge. This area covers our education and any undertaking the purpose of which is for you to develop your capabilities to accomplish things using your talents.

2. Career and the life path. This corresponds to what you perceive is your life’s mission.

3. Helpful people and travel. This corresponds to your built-in desire to move away from your current location to find new adventures and the people you will meet along the way who can assist you.

4. Children and creativity. The area corresponding to your desire to procreate or to simply be creative which is analogous to “giving birth” to something.

5.  Marriage and relationship. This area governs lasting and close relationships such as spouses and friends.

6. Fame and reputation. The area that governs public image.

7.  Wealth and abundance. Corresponding to this area is your actual and perceived prosperity in all areas of  your life.

8. Family and ancestors. The area corresponds to people with whom you have relationship by consanguinity or affinity.

9. Health. Located at the center of the bagua map, this area is the area of your well being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

How can you use the map to your advantage? The technique involves superimposing the map on your house so that you can identify which area corresponds with what particular concern if life as enumerated above. In superimposing the map, your initial point of reference is always your front door or main entrance to the house. In the illustration above, your front door will always corresponds to any of these areas — skills and knowledge; career; or helpful people and travel. From that initial point of reference, you can identify the different areas in your life that corresponds to the particular bagua map sectors. For example, if the upper left corner of your house is where you have your kitchen, then your kitchen corresponds to the sector denoting wealth and abundance. If there is a room in the rightmost middle part of the map, then that room corresponds to children and creativity.

From this system of correspondence, you can now apply certain feng shui prescribed cures to strengthen or fix that area of your life that may be problematic. The system works similar to the principle of sympathetic magic. Whatever is happening in the physical area of your house denoted by the map, will be reflected in that actual area of your life corresponding to it.

For example, you might have a problem involving your marriage. Look for the area in your house corresponding to marriage. What do you have in there? Clutter or garbage can perhaps? Clean up the area. According to feng shui principles, you’re having problem with your marriage because that’s what you have in the area — a mess represented by the clutter and garbage.

Do the same thing in other areas. Is there something that’s holding you in your career? Perhaps you have an unkept career area in the house. Fix it and you will have the corresponding effect in your career life.

In addition to the general cleaning up of the area you would like to cure, feng shui prescribes certain things you can put there to signify the improvements you would like to bring in. For example, you can put a flower vase in the are of marriage and relationship. You can hang a family picture showing the happy faces of family members in the family area. Or you can put up a picture of a big house with picturesque landscape in your wealth area. Use your imagination on how to fix specific areas in the house. Of course there are myriads of Chinese lucky objects you can use — like the Chinese lcuck coins, smiling Buddhas, Kuan Yin statues, etc. Put them where they are appropriate.

This is where by analogy, we can also use our native anting-antings. You are interested in enhancing your social life? Perhaps you can put a SNH somewhere in your relationship area. An Infinito medal (denoting power) might be a good placement in your fame area. How about a framed Birheng Nagpapasuso taladro in your wealth area? Review what the particular anting-anting is for and find a correspondence in the bagua map. That’s where you can put them, if you opt not to carry them in your person.

By the way, on a smaller scale, after superimposing the bagua map on your entire house, you can also superimpose it on any other enclosed are in your house — such as your room, dining room, sala, etc. The orientations will vary and you can likewise put up the cures according to the correspondences we have established with the bagua map and the areas you are trying to cure.


Picture credit: www.fengshui-transformations.com


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4 Responses to Feng Shui’s Bagua Map and Creative Placements for Talismans

  1. dinadasalan din po ba yang bagua map or basta sinasabit lang din po sa pintuan ng bahay at saan po tamang lagayan ng bagua map patulong po nman oh salamat po…

    • Realityshifter says:

      Hindi po anting-anting na dapat dasalan ang bagua map. Para po siyang compass na nagibiigay ng direksyon sa inyo.

      Hindi rin po iyan isinasabit. I-print out po nyo o i-drawing at dalhin nyo na parang compass. Tumayo kayo sa may entrada sa inyong bahay na dala-dala ang bagua map. I-visualize nyong ma-stretch and hawak nyong mapa to cover the entire floor area.

  2. Cesar says:

    Sa mga naghahanap kung saan ang bagong address ng Peter Mystical Book center na ngayon ay Sto.Nino Botanical Center na ay nasa 4th flr,na sila ng Farmers Cubao plaza,kakukuha ko nga lang ng tahrani amulet.Pwede rin silang tawagan sa kanilang landline.

  3. RhOn says:

    Hi po pwdi po bang mag tanung..?

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