The New Avatar Power

I have in my possession an interesting modern-day grimoire published in 1975 by Geoff Cobb-Gray. It is entitled The Miracle of the New Avatar Power. The book is now out of print and is available only as a collector’s item. Over the years, it has apparently appreciated in value. Just take look at this online ad:

It is amazing how the book has appreciated in value! Someone in Manila is looking for a copy of the book at a hefty offering price of $500!

Why does the book command such a high price today? A cursory look at the book betrays its true value. It looks just like an ordinary New Age best seller that has become standard inventory in a lot of book stores these days. Nothing of the sort that would make you put it side by side with the great magickal grimoires of the Middle Ages. But because the book has esablished a good reputation for those who have used the spells it contains in materializing things they want in life, it has become a prize possession among book collectors.

I would like to share with you the spells that may have contributed to the book’s appreciation in value over the years.

You can find some of the New Avatar Power spells here.

You might have some concerns or challenges in life that have remained unresolved. This will be an opportunity to find out if the NAP spells will work for you. Try to use them and give feedback if you do get results.


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4 Responses to The New Avatar Power

  1. I have worked with New Avatar Power for over 5 years. I have collected most of the author’s books. I even had a chance to talk with him personally over the phone before he passed. I can say honestly that the book will change your life. I am slowly building my own blog online about the occult, occult books and a training tool. I am working (slowly) on rewriting his rituals including real evocations in the future. There is a British website where I commented about the Genii – I have found the names of the other Genii along with rituals for them on that British website.

  2. ray says:

    I have used the rituals in the book sporadically but when I do, they produce. Dramatically.

  3. suerte says:

    tanong ko lang po, hindi po ba ito mapanganib? I mean, hindi ba ito nakakahalina sa evil spirits at black and negative powers? Gusto ko nga pong gamitin yung new avatar power (dahil may copy ako ng mga rituals) pero kinakabahan ako.

  4. FuerzaDivino says:

    Ang New Avatar Power ay garantisadong malinis at walang halong kaliwa puro banal na pangalan ng Diyos sa tradisyun ng kabalistiko at mga anghel. Kaya maituturing eto safe.

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